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Title makes no sense...

Rachel W
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Hello, my name is Rachel. I live in Australia and I love to write fantasy and read. I'm a House FanFic writer and I love making amatueur wallpapers and icons on Adobe Photoshop. My favourite film is Casablanca and my favourite book is Harry Potter. My favourite TV Show is House and my favourite actor is the wonderful, gorgeous and talented Al Pacino. Close seconds are Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire and Jeremy Irons. I'm a Scout, soon to be a Venturer, and I've been a member of the worldwide Scouting Movement since I was 6. My mum is a Cub Leader and my brother is also a Scout. My life is governed by Scouts, but I don't mind. I love to act and to sing so Scout Shows are an awesome thing. I'm a member of _fantasynovel and they asked me to put this here:

At least I hope this is where they wanted me to put it.